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Hello Friends,

A Note From “the Colonel!”

"Let's Do It Again!"

The success of our last Healthy Home Showcase was such that Vollara, LLC has authorized us to continue doing Healthy Home Showcases until further notice.

Our next Healthy Home Showcases (HHS) will be conducted Via Zoom as follows:

Time: 5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM EST on ZOOM 

Zoom Meeting ID:      / PW:

Dial In:  

HOST can earn products valued at up to $800.00. Anyone wishing to serve as a Healthy Home Showcase HOST should contact me at 714-273-5223 or  Once schudeled we will contact you and provide updated information.


The Healthy Home Showcase aims to introduce a world-class Technology called ActivePure. As you may or may not be aware, ActivePure Technology is the Only Technology Available in Products Proven in an …


FDA-Compliant Military Test Facility to Reduce  

SARS-CoV-2 (The Virus That Causes COVID-19)  

by 99.9% on Both Surfaces and In the Air.

ActivePure Technology is Proactive and provides 24/7 Protection of Indoor Air & Surfaces!

It is also highly effective on all known viruses, mold, smoke, and odors!  

If you do not wish to serve as a Host, you should still attend. ActivePure is a technology that you absolutely should consider for placement in your home. Please register beforehand, indicating you will be in attendance so I can add your name to a drawing with a chance to win products with a value of up to $200.00 (you pay tax and shipping only!)


If nothing else, you will have some fun and learn about this Life-Changing Technology!

Some will say, COVID is over! Scientific research begs the differ. And besides that, I secured my Business Center back in 1996 and have been actively marketing company health and wellness products ever since.  

During my 25-26 Feb 2022 meeting with our company Founder, Mike Jackson I learned that I was was one of the Very First Vollara Business Center Owners, which was over 20 years before COVID - 19 emerged on the scene.   

Background: ActivePure Technology was developed by NASA and later acquired by Vollara, LLC. After being enhanced and improved by scientists at Vollara, LLC, in 2017, ActivePure Technology was inducted into the NASA Space Technology Hall of fame as one of only 75 Technologies that has the most effect on the health and well-being of humanity!  

ActivePure Technology is not new! I have owned my Vollara Business Center for more than 20 years. 

When COVID -19 emerged, ActivePure Technology was submitted to testing at an FDA-Compliant Military Test Facility to determine if and how effective ActivePure would be against COVID - 19! The result was that ActivePure Reduced SARS-CoV-2 (The Virus That Causes COVID-19) by 99.9% on Both Surfaces and In the Air.

Don't take my word for it; ask Google or Bing, What are the 7 Space Technologies That Changed the World? I Rest My Case!

ActivePure Technology has been around a long time as it is also effective and all known viruses to date. ActivePure Technology is equally effective against mold, smoke, odors, and all known viruses to date.  

To date, we have placed upwards of 51 million ActivePure Technology units in homes, schools, offices, hospitals, and all known indoor spaces in over 70 countries worldwide!  

Vollara, LLC has developed the Healthy Home Showcase whereby qualified Host Receive Free Vollara Products.  

On February 28th, Mike Jackson, Vollara's Founder, will present a Healthy Home Showcase, along with two of his able assistants and Vollara Business Center owners. 

During a one-on-one meeting with Vollara's founder, Mike Jackson, on Friday, February 25th, and Saturday, February 26th, he informed me that California was one of his Best and Strongest markets and he was willing to do whatever it took to continue that growth. During this meeting I learned that I was one of the Very First Vollara Bussiness Center Owners and that my longtime devotion to the company was special.  

He informed me that I should make any deals that made sense on all Air & Surface Pro sales, even at the deepest discounts.  His comments to me were as follows (paraphrased):

Hey Colonel, based on our experience, for every Air & Surface Pro sold, there is another two or three sold because people tell their friends how much they love the product… Volume is what we want now!  

Healthy Home Showcase / How Does This Work! 

HOST can potentially earn a New AP500 Air Purification System (Valued at $800) and guest can earn an H2Fuel unit (Valued at $300.00). These gifts will be paid for by Vollara (You will have to pay Ca Tax & shipping only). 

ADDITIONALLY, and not to be totally outdone!  All guest, host included, who register at least 2 hours before the meeting began will be entered into a drawing that I will personally conduct.  There will be at least one winner per ten registrants. Several winners (there must be at least ten entries) will receive gifts that I will personally pay for, (you pay for tax and shipping only).  These gifts will be valued between $40 and $210 depending on the number of people who register and subsequently attends the Healthy Home Showcase.  

You can invite as many guests as you like. However, you must have a minimum of five (5) registered guests who must be registered as specified above in order for you to earn rewards as a HOST.  In order for you to earn the APS500, valued at $800, your guests must purchase products carrying point values of from 375 to 500 points.  

You can invite as many quest as you want, (they can be located anyplace we can ship products too).   You can register your guest with me by email @ or call or text me @ 714-273-5223. 

The Vollara Healthy Home Showcase is a new program, and we are hoping that we can continue this program for the long hall; however, considering the COST of all the “Free Host & Guest Gifts” attached to this program, we can only hope that it will be continued.  Vollara LLC, through this program is hoping to introduce ActivePure throughout the world!  At present we ship to 72 plus countries and growing.


"Love strong enough, and for long enough and someday, 

that love, no matter in which direction you sent

 it, will be returned to you!" - "the Colonel."

Please call me if you havens questions.

“the Colonel”

Carlton L. Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.)

Dowdy Financial Inc.

388 E.Ocean Blvd, # 616 

Long Beach, Calif 90802 


Text/Phone:  714-273-5223 / Email:

PS01: The All-New H2Fuel and the AP 500 are a part of this new program and are only available through Host Rewards and the Healthy Home Showcases.  

PS02:  We are a US based company headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  Our main manufacturing plant is in Bristol, VA.  

(Be sure to put "HHS" in the subject Block!!